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Volleyball Rules for Beginning Volleyball Players and Fans

This rule page includes the very basics of volleyball rules for beginning volleyball players and fans. To get more complete explanations about the libero and other recent rules changes, be sure to check out our other rules pages. In volleyball … Continue reading

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Jaka Tarub dan 7 Bidadari

Once upon a time there was a widow who lived in the village of Dadapan. She had a son whose name was Joko Tarup. Dadapan village was close to a wood so Joko Tarup liked to go to the wood. … Continue reading

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Salam Kenal

Hari ini saya mencoba untuk membuat blog di wordpress. Dulu sudah pernah, tapi karena sudah terlalu lama jadi ada beberapa hal yang belum dapat saya ingat dengan sempurna. Maksud saya banyak hal yang saya lupa! Pengin sih saya menulis nama … Continue reading

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